Posted: July 18th, 2022

Persuasive 3 Point Thesis Assignment

Persuasive 3 Point Thesis Assignment
Paper details:
This assignment will be submitted as a word document.
Brainstorm for 3 potential persuasive topics. (See your list of 20 topics)
The topics must have two distinct and opposing arguments. The topics must have clear counter arguments.
For example, there are two distinct and opposing opinions about abortion or death penalty laws. That means that kind of topic will work for this assignment.
AVOID topics for which there are subjective arguments and/or that describe, for instance, “the benefits of exercise”. It is unlikely that there is a logical argument against those benefits.
There must be at least 2 distinct positions.
Create 3 potential three point thesis statements for those persuasive topics.
Review the 3 Point Thesis Statement Powerpoint.
Include ONE potential counter argument for each topic
View the Prezi presentation about counter arguments. This will be presented in class and can be accessed here: Counter Arguments Presentation
This assignment will consist ONLY of 3 sentences and 3 counterarguments.
It is essential to delete one’s Facebook accounts because the company violates privacy, encourages misinformation, and has facilitated violence.
Counter Argument: Facebook has taken steps to eliminate misinformation.

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