Posted: July 19th, 2022



Review what you have learned about contracting for consultation from the assigned readings and from your own research this week.

Then, analyze the ABC Bank case study and consider the sample contract for ABC Bank from the unit readings. This contract has some flaws and includes room for improvement for the purpose of this discussion.

Part 1

Complete the following:

  1. Critique ABC Bank’s sample contract in terms of how you would evaluate or enhance this contract for the upcoming consultation work with the bank. Recommend at least one improvement to the contract and cite references from the assigned readings or your own research to support your edit of the contract.
  2. List the questions you would ask the client to help further develop the contract.
  3. Describe some best practices for good contracting.
Part 2

Trust is essential in a consulting relationship of any kind, particularly between the client and consultant. Based on the assigned readings and your own research:

  1. Identify and discuss three key principles necessary for building trust and strengthening the client-consultant relationship.
  2. Provide a personal example where trust was diminished or enhanced when you engaged in an advising or consulting relationship. This relationship could be professional or personal, but should have applications for building trust in the context of organizational development.

Cite references from the assigned readings as well as other scholarly resources to support your views.

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