Posted: July 21st, 2022

Assessment Methods, Grading Papers and Using Rubrics

This week’s discussion board will address grading written assignments using rubrics.  Please grade the attached sample student paper.  I have also attached the instructions given to the students and two different rubrics. One is the generic DCN Paper Rubric that can be use for any paper. The other is a rubric created by the instructor specifically for this assignment. Grade  the paper using both rubrics (you do not have to post the rubrics, just your scores). This will let you see how a grade can be different depending on the rubric used.

Initial Post: Once you grade the paper, post the grades assigned to the paper with each rubric (remember, the paper will have two grades).  Discuss your results and the challenges of grading the paper objectively. Which rubric do you prefer and why? Suggest ways that you might change one or both of them. Provide a resource that assisted you in making these suggestions.

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