Posted: July 21st, 2022

Research Paper on Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (KM)

Deliverable: Research Paper on Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (KM)


Topic: Selected by writer based on their interest and the 2 journals listed below.
Must focus on BI and KM.

Topic Suggestions:

  • KM and BI in your interested field (e.g., SCM, hospital management, retails, cybersecurity….)
  • Good cases and best practices of KM and BI in the field.
  • Good models and theories (categories of data, categories of knowledge bases, stakeholders, technology … involved)
  • Specific tools/systems
  • Trends of KM and BI in this field
  • Unique issues in this field (not general issues of privacy, security… that exist everywhere)
  • Trends of research into KM and BI, and integration of BI and KM for organizations
  • Organizational/human issues of KM and BI in business


Length: 18 to 22 pages double spaced. This doesn’t include references and appendices.


Sources: Minimum 25 cited references

15 of the 25 references MUST be from either of the journals below.

  • VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems ‎


  • Business Intelligence Journal

The more recent papers are better for referencing because the information isn’t obsolete but any paper in the journal can be used. The volumes go back to the year 2003.


Seed Papers

3 to 4 of the 15 references from the journals above MUST be the seed papers for the research paper questions.

So-called “seed” papers mean that those papers can highlight your research interest, and have many references which are valuable for your topic so that you can follow up to read more papers from diversified information sources and other journals for your research.



Research Questions: Typically 3 to 4 questions and they MUST be based on the seed papers.

Please focus on WHAT so that you can have good materials for ANALYSIS and explicit FINDINGS.

What good models of BI/KM in the area in what context?

What BI/KM tool (not only OLAP) for what purpose?

What good BI/KM cases in your investigated areas?

What unique issues of BI/KM in the area (beyond common sense such as privacy, security….)?

Please note that you need to have good analysis for this research, and try to make the RQ explicit.  You may have many RQ after the seed papers reading.  After you make comprehensive reading, you may focus on 2-3 good RQ to dig deeper.



Required Format

  • Introduction – overview of the issue which is interesting to chief information officer (CIO) and Chief knowledge officer(CKO) to solve managerial problems.

(General overview of BI and KM is not needed because the textbooks tell us so much already.)

  • Articulate your research questions clearly.


  • Discussion of collected literature papers for your research questions.

(Using sections to discuss each research question based on your reading)

  • After your discussion for each research question, conduct analysis of your discussions
    (This part has significant weight of grade.)

(Analysis for the literature review research report is about categorization/classification, summarization, comparison, cross-checking, longitudinal outlook of trends, etc. supported by explanations, tables, and diagrams)

  • Your findings/suggestions/solutions/recommendations for your research questions.

(This part summarizes your analysis using brief statements to highlight interesting learning points)

  • Conclusion

(Conclusion is reflection of your takeaway from this research paper for your career development.)


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