Posted: July 21st, 2022

Tough Conversations

Tough Conversations
Paper details:
In this assignment, you will plan for tough conversations with two employees regarding a hostile work environment complaint. You will apply your knowledge of HR management principles and conduct research to help you plan for those conversations including the questions to ask, documentation, company liability, and reporting to other stakeholders.

Imagine you are the HR manager at a medium-sized financial services company. A female employee, Jennifer, comes to you very upset because her male coworker, Robert, has been making her uncomfortable lately by repeatedly asking her out on dates, even after she clearly said, “no.” This is the first time Jennifer has come to HR with an issue about a colleague, and there have not been any previous complaints regarding Robert’s behavior.

How would you handle this situation? Think about your plan of action, including how you would conduct conversations with Jennifer and Robert and how you would document and report your plan.

Download the Week 3 Assignment Template [DOCX]. This template will guide you through the planning steps for these tough conversations. Refer back to this page as needed to review the scenario, instructions, and rubric as you complete the assignment template.

Submit all work on the assignment template provided, including the sources list.
Utilize the scenario as provided. Do not add information or make assumptions.
Use your legal voice as you answer each section in the template. Use complete sentences and a professional tone. Do not use bullet points or include dialogue.

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