Posted: July 26th, 2022

audit Week 3 ACL Project Case

audit Week 3 ACL Project Case
Paper details:
Please refer to the file ACL Instructions and Requirements to begin. The tutorial is covered at the end of the textbook in the ACL appendix:
You will use the Microsoft Word document linked above to submit your results to me. There are additional ACL instructions in this which will help you in completing the assignment. I have highlighted the areas you will need to complete which are the results under each of the requirements also linked above. These include the following:
ACL Case 1 Guidelines without results.doc
Some areas you will be considering include:
Is anyone over the maximum grant allowed?
Is any student using the same social security number?
Is the same person using a different social security number?
Is any student receiving a grant that should not be receiving a grant?
The following files are also available through the publisher’s website (also attached above) for the tutorial (Husky Files) and the ACL Case 1-Fraud (Pella):
ACL commands demo.docx
Husky Confirmations 2009.xls
Husky Credit Limit 2009.xls
Husky Shipping File 2009.xls
Husky Unpaid Invoices 2009.xls
Husky_Inventory 2009.xls

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