Posted: July 26th, 2022

ECON 3340 Corporate Research Paper assignment – “Pro tips”

ECON 3340 Corporate Research Paper assignment – “Pro tips”

This is some additional information for students to help with consistency and accuracy in the assignment.
•    There is no need to quote or cite the textbooks (neither Business and Its Environment by Baron nor The Canadian Factor by Barker and Mau). Instead simply use the terminology and apply the relevant analytical tools by name.
•    Your firm and, usually, your competitors, are not considered as Interests.
•    Use caution when identifying Institutions: in particular, clearly indicate which “parts” of government, the media, etc. are being referred to (Remember there are only 3 institutional arenas.)
•    Use of the word preferences (indicates what people want) versus interests (indicates the people who have preferences about issue outcomes.)

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