Posted: July 26th, 2022

Environmental Change

Create a 3- to 4-minute video about how the students can influence positive change on a local environmental challenge. Review the Influencing Environmental Change Transcript Example as you prepare to record your video content and for some ideas for how to talk about these sorts of ideas to a middle school audience.


Include the following components in your video:


Identify a local environmental challenge.
Summarize the local environmental challenge. Support your summary with at least 2 sources from the University Library, reputable environmental groups, or government websites.
Explain why this challenge is relevant to the middle school class. Remember that while it is important to be honest with children about the realities of the health of the environment, be sure not to scare them. Focus on why it should be important to them, and that they can take action to help.
Identify any local regulations or policies that have been created in response to this challenge. Remember, the purpose of this presentation is to help the students think about how they can change their behavior, not to teach them about regulations. Only mention the regulations so that students can understand how society has used regulations to change behavior. Do not spend too much time explaining details of the regulations to the students.
Recommend 3 sustainable actions the middle school students can do in response to this challenge to help.

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