Posted: July 26th, 2022

Health Lesson Plans: #3 Health/Safety

Health Lesson Plans: #3 Health/Safety
Paper details:
For this assignment you will plan an activity/lesson that could be used in an early childhood setting. The lesson should promote conceptual understanding of the topic. You need to:

Use the lesson plan format in the course textbook on page 62-63, or another format provided the required elements are included.
For the “vocabulary focus” choose 1-2 words that you will focus on in the lesson. You need to make sure you provide opportunity for the children to use the words or topics.
For the “goal” your goal or objective needs to be aligned to NYS standards. Include the NYS standard in your plan (you can cut & paste the indicator). Identify which standards document you used to guide your planning.
The plans include some means of assessing children’s learning. This can be informal or formal but you need to include some means to assess whether learning occurred. Remember your assessment should measure the learning goal/objective.
For the “how to adjust the activity” section of your plan, you need to include at least two adjustments (accommodations) in your lesson. The children you are adjusting the lesson for need to vary, therefore, you will have six different adjustments in your lessons. You must address the following in one of your lessons:
English Language Learners
Child with a wheat or other allergy
Child with cerebral palsy
This lesson needs to focus on health or safety.
You do not need to complete the last bullet (“did you meet your goal?”) for any lessons for this assignment.
Include samples of any written materials (worksheets, graphic organizers, etc.) that are included in your plan.
Any materials or sources you use in planning needs to be referenced. You should note if you adapted any of the materials.

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