Posted: July 26th, 2022

interpersonal communication

As we wrap up our class together, let’s go back to this earlier quote….

“Face-to-face conversation is the most human and humanizing
– thing we do. … It’s
where we develop the capacity for empathy.
It’s where we experience the joy of being
heard, of being understood.”

Do you recognize it from the first week of class? Do you think you can now explore the meaning behind the message? As you reflect back on the many concepts and principles of Interpersonal Communication we experienced over the past several weeks, spend time exploring…

What the quote is saying to you
Why you are sure that you know this
How this quote may impact your personal life and career aspirations, and finally
Why you believe it is fitting to conclude our class focusing attention on this final quote
Create a minimum 500-word response for this assignment based on the above prompts. Incorporate personal perspective along with support from course materials over the entire session. Your work should be original (not copied from previous writing) and your own.

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