Posted: July 26th, 2022

perspectives in humanities 2 cultural works in the Smithsonian museum

1. Choose 2 cultural works that catch your attention. Identify the name of each cultural work and describe why you chose each one. Share a link for each.

2. Compare your chosen works. How do you think each cultural work reflects it’s time period? Point to specific details that you see to relate them to elements of culture, such as what is valuable or meaningful to a group of people or what elements reflect history, beliefs , experiences, or other effects of culture.
3. Now state A question about key aspects of human culture in relation to one of the cultural work selected for example what does a specific culture tell us about the nature of death?
4. Then briefly explain how you might go about doing research to find an answer to your question for example what key words by using your search where might you begin your research or whom might you consult
Must be referenced
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