Posted: July 28th, 2022

Curriculum Design, Regulation, and Accreditation in Nursing Education

Assignment Details: There are three parts to assignment. It must address the following information.
Part 1: Regulation of Nursing Programs: In the U.S., State Boards of Nursing regulate nursing
education in the respective states. You will be provided with a BSN nursing curriculum from a state other
than Colorado. Using the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Board of Nursing Regulations
(found on the DORA website) for BSN programs, determine if the sample program would be approved in
• Address each of the following:
1. Total credit hours, lecture, lab, simulation, and clinical hours
2. General education core courses (number and types)
3. Nursing courses/content areas and sequence
• What is your conclusion? Would this program be approved in Colorado?
• If not, what changes would have to be made to meet the Colorado requirements? Be specific.
Part 2: You would also want to seek accreditation. Choose one nursing education accrediting
organization to which you will apply (there are several…your choice).
• Provide a brief overview of the accrediting agency you selected.
• Why did you choose this one?
• Provide the sequence of events required by the accrediting agency for a program to be accredited.
• Based on the organization’s accreditation standards for a BSN program, do you think this
curriculum meets these standards?
• If not, what changes would have to be made to obtain accreditation by this organization. Be
Part 3: All regulations and accreditation aside, what do you like about this curriculum and what would you
change if you could and why? Identify at least two of each.
Resources: In addition to your textbook, you must cite the Colorado Board of Nursing rules and
regulations and the accrediting agency’s standards.

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