Posted: July 28th, 2022

Interview research paper

I would like you to conduct an interview of someone over the age of sixty (60) years of age. This can be a family member or any individual you wish. As you interview them, take extensive notes or record the interview (with their permission, of course).  I would like you to record:

The interview should include the interviewee’s biographical information, i.e. date of birth and place, parents’ origins and occupations, interviewee’s early childhood memories, schools attended, and career choices.
What are the most memorable American history events that happened in their lifetime? These could include but are not limited to:
John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations
Vietnam War
counterculture movement
Apollo 11 moon landing
Watergate scandal
Challenger disaster
fall of the Berlin Wall
9/11 terrorist attack
Ask their favorite, and least favorite American president during their lifetime.
Ask about changes they observed in their lifetime in gender equality and roles, race relations, and gay acceptance.
Ask about the evolvement of technology in communication, private and public transportation, household appliance, and information access.
Finally, ask them about cultural changes in society they have witnessed in public etiquette, clothing, music, and lifestyles.

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