Posted: July 28th, 2022

middle-range theorist (Cornelia M. Ruland & Shirley M. Moore)

Slide presentations should be approximately 10 slides long including reference page. You must either add voice
to your presentation or provide explanatory text in your slides.
You must submit to the Discussion Board the Wednesday of Week 9 to allow your fellow students to review
and comment on. Grades for this assignment include both the slide presentation and your comments on your
colleagues’ presentations,
Be sure to review the assignment criteria below as you work on your assignment. Close adherence to the criteria will help you to gain
maximal points on this assignment:
1. Theory/Theorist is identified and Theorist background/reason for development is discussed.
2. Presentation addresses:
a. Central Concept
b. Goal/purpose of theory
c. Main Points of theory
3. Clinical areas where theory could be used in practice are noted.
4. Concept Map or diagram of theory includes:
a. Main concepts and/or constructs of theory
b. Direction of connection between concepts, assumptions, goals, etc.
c. Is neatly constructed and understandable
5. Slides are neat and easy to read with correct grammar and spelling.
6. Creativity is evident in presentation, and may include:
a. Pictures/photos
b. Voice/sound
c. Links/videos

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