Posted: July 28th, 2022

Misogynistic Stereotypes

Misogynistic Stereotypes
Paper details:
Misogynistic Stereotypes: The Spiritual and Intellectual Equality between Men and Women in Judith Sargent Murray’s On the Equality of the Sexes

The primary source that I will be analyzing in Writing Project 3 is titled “On the Equality of the Sexes” by Judith Sargent Murray. I will focus on the topic of “equality” and elaborate through my own interpretations of Judith Sargent Murray’s literary piece.
Murray, Judith Sargent. “On the Equality of the Sexes.” The Norton Anthology of American
Literature Volume A: Beginnings to 1820, 9th ed., edited by Robert S. Levine, W. W.
Norton & Company, 2017, pp 772-779.

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