Posted: July 28th, 2022

pop” culture

The goal in this paper is to present your critical analysis of some aspect of popular culture, using
the definition of popular culture given by Maasik and Solomon in Signs of Life: popular or
“pop” culture is “a commercial, for-profit culture aimed at providing entertainment to a
mass audience. Corporate rather than communal, it has transformed entertainment into a
commodity to be marketed alongside all other products in a consumer culture.”

You may choose your own focus/topic for this paper, using that definition as your guideline for
selecting an idea.

You will obviously need to present your thesis (assertion) in your essay along with your
supporting reasons (points) and other evidence or facts. You want your reader to see your
analysis as valid and worth consideration through your use of clear reasons and support for your
argument. This essay will obviously require you to do some outside research in order to obtain
information and support for your topic. You will need to gather your information, summarize and
synthesize it, and then smoothly incorporate it into the essay. Your annotated bibliography should have
helped you begin this process and you may use information from that assignment to help you
support your ideas in this one.

I was thinking about writing about “How does pop culture affect society” and including these topics
the use of technology
social media
and advertisements (how they negatively impact society)

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