Posted: July 28th, 2022


Writing II

Final Exam



The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to view your writing as a process. This assignment should be clearly written and error-free, this does not need to be as polished or as formal as summaries and essays. This paper, however; needs to convince me that you have developed a better understanding of the writing skills and strategies you have worked on throughout the semester.


Lesson Outcomes:

  • To demonstrate how you have improved your writing skills
  • To take ownership of your writing and editing skills

Steps to Complete the Task:


Answer the following questions:


  • Describe your habits and behaviors as well as your writing process for this semester. In other words, how did you study for and work on your assignments?


  • What were your greatest accomplishments/strengths on the assignments? Give examples and explain why you feel these are your strengths.


  • Which writing skills do you need to work on to improve for the future?


  • Which resources (handouts, lecture notes, Writing Center, tutors, etc.)  have you consulted to improve and what did you learn from these? Include references (specific quotes, paraphrases, or summaries) to the sources you consulted.


  • How will you improve your writing in the future? Give specific examples of what you will change and why.


  • Do you feel this class has been beneficial for your educational needs? Why or why not. What did you enjoy and learn the most from in this class?



Submitting the Assignment:

  • Submit the Final through the Assignment Link on Blackboard

Criteria for Success:


  • Your answers must be in complete sentences,
  • Your answers must be organized in paragraphs.
  • Include an introduction
  • Make sure you have a body paragraph for each question
  • Include a solid conclusion
  • Follow MLA format
  • The Final should be approximately two to three pages in length


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