Posted: July 28th, 2022

Research Proposal PPT Presentation

Make sure to take a look at the explanation for your Research Project Presentation I posted in ‘Our Classroom’.” This will explain some basic guidelines and give tutorials on how to record a Narrated PowerPoint.

you’ll create a PowerPoint presentation to summarize your project as if you were delivering to your primary/target audience
then record you presenting it through the “record narration” function in powerpoint.
then submit that full file: PowerPoint slides with your voice recorded on it through Blackboard on the correct assignment submission link.

I don’t have any specific guidelines concerning number of slides, but I’d make the presentation around 4-6 minutes
this is to make sure that you’re covering all the information in your research paper and at least 3 out of your 6 needed sources cited ALOUD.

Be sure that you are NOT writing everything out word for word on the slides

I shouldn’t be just reading along with you, use your own notes to actually present.

You should also use the 2 images/visuals/graphics YOU CREATED for the paper!

Include color and other visual appeals to make it interesting.

Think of this presentation as just presenting the research/information that you pulled together for the paper to begin to discuss the info to your primary/target audience.


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