Posted: July 28th, 2022

Room Mode Ccltr RT60 ccltr room eq wizard ect.

Room Mode Ccltr RT60 ccltr room eq wizard ect.
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theos assignment ….Both me and my friend both have the same assignment due in and will be both ordering here, calculations can be the same as if we worked together but the essay must be completely unplagerised. ideally writen by 2 different writers.
details of software and location shown in screenshots.
Write in British English please. This assessment will take the form of a 2500-word commercial consultancy document of a Critical Listening Space or Live Sound Environment. The project will provide a comprehensive overview of a space which has had the RT60 response measured and analysed and the problematic room modes identified. Following this, students will apply analysis and research to suggest appropriate acoustic treatment to improve the frequency and modal/RT response of the room. The document will provide projected costs and possible suppliers of products/materials for the treatment of the room and include all necessary calculations, supported with detailed diagrams/print outs of acoustic analysis/research relating to the recommended treatment. (Can be done on an imaginary room and dimensions)

This practical assessment can be implemented in your own studio spaces (or elsewhere) and will give you the tools and knowledge to apply the suggested acoustic treatment to your own environments.

The assessment will place emphasis on content taught throughout the module requiring you to utilise and implement key audio theory and acoustic principles relating to acoustic design and the impact this has on music production and live sound environments.

Work should include reference to external knowledge and include a full bibliography using the Harvard Referencing System (see BIMM Institute’s Harvard Referencing Guide)

all info and resources available there inside Practical Acoustics, its the A2 assessment
relevant terms and information all viewable there.
Youtube is also a good source of info for sound treatment and the rest.

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