Posted: August 1st, 2022

Evaluate organizational behavior and leadership on performance.

Evaluate organizational behavior and leadership on performance.
Analyze the impact of employee behavior on engagement.
Evaluate leadership practices that support organizational effectiveness.
Implement leadership strategies for managing group & team dynamics.
Evaluate the relationship among individuals, teams, and culture on organizational performance.
Critique the impact of leadership on organizational outcomes.
You are the new organizational behavior manager for a corporation. Your role is to assess the work environment and improve employee performance and workplace culture. As one of your first projects, you decide to complete a company performance review. Before beginning this company performance review, you need to conduct research. Your research will entail a lot of time and resources, and you need to address some preliminary areas with the board of directors in an upcoming meeting. You will need to create a white paper for the board, stressing the importance of this work and why a company performance review is needed.

Write a white paper to present to the board of directors that includes the following items to help strengthen the support for the need for a company performance review:

Determine organizational behavior and leadership’s role in organizational performance.
Discuss the impact individual human behavior has on the organization’s success.
Assess effective leadership practices on employee motivation.
Discuss one leadership strategy for a group and one leadership strategy for a team that enforces positive relationship building.
Explain the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on individuals, teams, and the overall culture.
Discuss leadership impact on leading change for continued organizational success.
Provide attribution for credible sources used in the white paper.

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