Posted: August 1st, 2022

Optimizing Organizational Performance

Optimizing Organizational Performance
Paper details:
You are the HR manager in a for-profit Corporation and responsible for employee relations and engagement. Your task is to develop and present an employee engagement strategy to the C-suite leadership. It is critical that your presentation be convincing, as you have noticed a downward trend in engagement levels of the employees over the past 5 years. You recognize that in order to be convincing, you will need to provide a strategy that is data-driven and will catch the attention of the busy executive leaders.

APA Format, 6 Scholarly Citations
In a PowerPoint presentation to the executive leadership team, present your outline for an employee engagement strategy. You will need to use the Employee Engagement Survey Data Set (please see attached).

in order to prepare your presentation. In this presentation, be sure to do the following:

Select pertinent data or data trends that will be highlighted in the presentation.
Create a visually-compelling presentation using narrative and data visualization content (e.g., graphs, charts, timelines, radar plots, diagrams, etc.).
Provide the verbal narrative of the presentation in the speaker’s notes. Add the speaker notes to the presentation (5 pages writted) and do not repeat what you have listed in the slides to the presentation. The speaker notes should be additional information of what the slides are showing
Demonstrate how the story emerging from the data supports your recommended strategy.

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