Posted: August 1st, 2022

Organizational performance and culture in practice

Organizational performance and culture in practice
Paper details:
1-Assignment words (4550) CIPD words policy
2-Maximum 20 references
3- to answer the questions I will attach 4 power point slides and you must go to each slide and you will find the learning outcome and the learning outcome will answer the questions in the assignment from the slides and search and studies and also theories you must use the one in the slides
4-in each questions you will find at the end of the paragraph e.g. (AC 1.1 or AC 1.2 etc.. this is the learning outcome and you can find it in the PowerPoint slides) this is how you can answer the questions easily
5- in the assessment criteria evidence checklist ( you must include the reference and where to find it in able for the in instructor find the reference easily) there will be 12 boxes with the learning outcome (AC)

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