Posted: August 24th, 2022

I want to do the statistics of my study with you.

Now I collected data for pilot study I need to check the reliability and anything needed to check for Pilot study.

My study  is about (Nurses’ Knowledge and Practices Regarding healthcare association Infection Control Measures in King Saalman bin Abdul- Aziz Medical City in Madinah, Saudi Arabia)
Pilot study sample is (33)
My tool is about (infection control – questionnaire)
My population ( nursing )
If you want my proposal I will send it to you.

All of my data in the Excel sheet.
If you have any recommendations for my questionnaire please give it to me.
but I did the analysis with someone else.  And tell me about it alpha  crobach is very low is less than 50% dependent on the what correct answer ,
i dont where the  problem .

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