Posted: August 24th, 2022

Test Your Knowledge5

Review the following sections of the  Purdue OWL Tutorial – Conducting Research:

Research Overview
Conducting Primary Research
Evaluating Sources of Information
Searching Online
Internet References
Writing a Literature Review

Your assignment for this week is easy and straightforward.  Provide a response of the following:

Provide at least one example of a reference citation of a resource that can be found at each of the following:
Professional Organization
Academic Conference
Scholarly Journal
University Library
Social Media ( blogs, wikis, podcasts, videos and email discussion lists
***The reference citation may differ depending on the resource (e.g., journal, website, online report, etc.)
What are the three keys to success in conducting internet research?
Discuss four steps you will take to avoid the pitfalls of conducting research on the Internet for your coursework.

Be sure to cite your response using APA 7th edition citation style.  If you are unfamiliar with APA, I strongly encourage you to review

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