Posted: August 25th, 2022

strategy for Pharma distribution in Jordan

strategy for Pharma distribution in Jordan
Paper details:
restructure and rewrite paper in a more professional manner and better flow .Increasing the word count, I need it to reach 12000 words without the references . Do NOT worry about editing the figures themselves as they are just place holders. Write Abstract and conclusion. Format the paper and references according to the following: The dissertation should include the following sections:
. a)  Title page
. b)  Abstract
• The abstract is a summary of the project
• Maximum of 250 words
• Single spacing should be used
d) Contents page
This should list page numbers and main headings; you should also include a figure list.
e) Introduction/Background
This section should include a review of the relevant literature and give the background to project.
Then structure as you see fit.

References throughout text
In the text, you should use either the Harvard or Vancouver systems
k) Bibliography
References to journal articles should contain the surname(s) followed by the initial(s) of author(s) and the year of publication, the standard abbreviated title of the journal, volume number (underlined) and the first and last pages of the paper. Titles of papers must be included for all references.

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