Posted: August 26th, 2022

Are American families falling-off?

iscussion/Debate Posts: This activity aims at engaging you in in-depth research and analysis
of information. Also, it will facilitate your ability to make reasoned and well thought out
arguments and test your perspectives against your peers.
Task: This activity requires you to participate in eight class discussions/debates pertaining to the
topics listed below. You will take a for/against stance and present your views on these topics, as
well as argue against the view(s)/post of another classmate. Use the assigned reading (i.e., your
textbook) and outside materials (i.e., data and research from think tanks, such as Pew Research
Center or from government published data sites, such as U.S. Census Bureau or Data.Gov, and
peer-reviewed journal articles and books; see the suggested list of journals on page 4) to prepare
your position/views/arguments and submit them by the scheduled dates and time. Make sure to
present your position/views/arguments based on scholarly research and cite it as well; no
personal opinion will be considered as a valid view/argument.

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