Posted: August 26th, 2022




  1. You work for a big-box retailer that is on track to miss its financial targets this year and your CEO wants to cut costs by reducing the marketing budget next quarter. How would you argue against this?


  1. Look at the strong and weak recruiters coming to your university to hire. How do these firms’ marketing assets affect their success in recruiting you and your peers?


  1. Take your favorite Internet start-up and rate its marketing assets as might be observed by potential acquirers. What needs to be improved and what has value?


  1. Consider the placement of Starbucks into grocery stores. Pick two different local grocery store chains in your area and rate how well each performs on brand and customer relationships. How do these assets affect Starbucks’ entry and the terms of the deal?


  1. Two large manufacturers make similar products but have different branding strategies: one houses all of its products under the parent brand, but the other has a collection of different brands that are unconnected in the minds of consumers.Which of these companies would you expect to have a higher discount rate,and why?


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