Posted: August 26th, 2022

global electric vehicles industry

Each student is expected to write a short case study on ”The Global Electric Vehicle (EV) industry”
Report structure with headings, appendices, reference list expected.
Word limit -2000 words
Due date  Week 5, Saturday 27 August, 5:00pm
The case should include the following:
1. A brief snapshot of the global EV industry (approx. 100 -200 words).
2. Using Michael Porter’s five force framework, conduct an industry scan for the global EV industry (approx. 800-1000 words).
3. How has COVID impacted the EV industry? (approx. 300-400 words)
4. The future of EVs as compared to conventional cars. Are EVs really ’green’? (approx 300-400 words)
This assessment aims to provide students with the opportunity to hone their analytical skills. Students are expected to do secondary research by looking for recent data/ information on the country, industry, and market. Apply theory from the text, make an informed decision, and/or sound recommendations.

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