Posted: August 26th, 2022

Theory of Planned Behavior

•1) In class on Aug. 25, you will select a social scientific theory among the following list.

•2) Conduct a mini-literature review search on that theory–i.e., obtain 1 peer-reviewed journal article reporting on an empirical study that tests the theory, provide the APA reference for that journal article, and upload it on the Discussion board with your post.
•3) Provide a three-sentence explanation of what the theory is about (you may need to obtain and cite additional references for this).

•Homework (worth 1 point)—due before start of Tuesday, Aug. 30’s class: Post your responses to the “Theories-Discussion Forums-Assignments” -> “Chapter 2.Social Scientific Theories-Assignment” on Moodle.

•Verbal participation points (worth 1 point): I will give you 1 point for presenting #3 above during start of Tuesday, Aug. 30’s class. Plan to present for no more than 1 minute (actually 30 seconds would be perfect).


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