Posted: August 30th, 2022

Stealing pet dogs for meat in Vietnam


Please write a final paper of 5-6 pages. You may comment on any texts, films or any materials related to Asian Americans. But you must cite at least 4 different theoretical texts we have discussed in the class and show how they can be applied to your analysis. I am mainly looking for strong and unique arguments supported by close readings of the primary text /film of your choice and theoretical analysis.
1. Any citation style will be fine as long as it is consistent
2. Narrow down your topic to one novel/film/case
3. Introduce the novel/film/case as if the readers have never heard about it, you can also introduce the author
4. You may start with a specific scene from the novel or film
5. Your thesis statement should consist of both elements from the novel/film/case and theoretical readings
6. Size 12, Times New Roman, double space

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