Posted: August 30th, 2022

Summarize the Article.

Summarize the Article.

Caiden, N. (2010) Challenges confronting contemporary public budgeting retrospectives/prospective from Allen Schick. Public Administration Review 70, 203-210.

How to Write a summary (analysis) of Article.

Page 1

Describe the subject, scope, and purpose of the Article
Summarize the author’s thesis or hypothesis
Identify the evidence used to support the thesis
Summarize the method, evidence, and results/conclusion

Page #2

Critique the argument. Is it logical and balanced?
Is the evidence adequate, factual, or merely opinionated?
Is it based on reliable sources / is there substantive information?
Does the author’s conclusion/results follow the evidence presented?
Suggest how the Article relates to the real world or this course.

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