Posted: September 2nd, 2022


Provide an analysis on COVID 19, explaining the following:
2. Probably explain the background of this Pandemic and its initial effects.
a. There is, in our history, some antecedent to this event.
b. how the Government acted, its Agencies, etc. before the Pandemic.
C. the population was prepared to face a pandemic.
d. the impact (damages, losses [economic, material, etc.] knowledge, can help us avoid or be prepared before this type of ) that this
Pandemic has left our country.
3. In light of what is written, explain the importance if knowing the history and applying your
knowledge, can help us avoid or be prepared before this type of disasters

Our history is marked by the scars of events so tragic that despite the passage of time they will remain visible. We are marked by so many tragedies: The Spanish Flu Pandemic (1918), The Mameyes Landslide (1985), Hurricane Hugo (1989), Gas Explosion in Río Piedras (1996), Hurricane Georges (1998), CAPECO Explosion ( 2009), Hurricane Maria (2019) the Earthquake of (2020), plus the subsequent aftershocks, which appeared to us until today, to mention a few among many others. But of all these tragedies, it is the most recent, the COVID 19 pandemic, whose impact has altered the way of living all the inhabitants of the planet, the one that has caused more damage than all the others. As of March, 2020 we began to live in a new world, thanks to a virus (COVID 19), unknown until then. The wounds they left us are open (and will be for a long time) given the fear that a new variant of the virus (Delta) threatens to derail all the progress that has been made in the fight against COVID.

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