Posted: September 2nd, 2022




In your individual assignment, you must explain your view on the subject of informatics in 1500 words and conduct a discussion around the following aspects: reference to Harvard style. Use trust worthy sources.

Answer part one and two as well are you view on the subject informatics.


 Part one: What IT tools/internet services (i.e. web systems, apps, social media, etc.) do you think individuals use on a daily basis today, and why do you think they do so?  – give one or two examples of IT tools and discuss the use and consequences of this from an individual perspective



Part 2: The Internet today has a central and sophisticated function for the dissemination, sharing, and access of information.  Give an example of an IT tool/internet service and discuss the consequences of its use.  You may choose an area of ​​your choice (education, job, care, politics, etc.) in society to discuss the consequences from a societal perspective




In your statement  of informatics as a subject, you should give an overall background and define the subject, while in your discussion of the above-mentioned aspects, you should stay as close to the respective themes of each aspect as possible.  You may also refer back to themes that you have written about in the structured abstract in the first part of the course, if it is relevant.


For both parts, you are expected to refer to correct sources.  References are thus central to an academic text, including this assignment.  They increase the traceability of the argument and thus give the reader the opportunity to critically examine the starting points for a reasoning.  They are also important as they highlight the authors behind previous research results.  A third function of source references is that the reader can form an opinion about how knowledgeable the author is in the field and (for example) identify that the author lacks references to relevant literature.


(Check list when you are done)


  • How well the student explains how IT and digitization affect society and the degree of reflection on the ethical perspective in informatics
  • Independence and use of concepts in text
  • Structure and common thread in scientific reporting
  • Formalities, credibility in sources and reference management

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