Posted: September 3rd, 2022

Compare the book Indian horse by Rchard Wagamese by another book of the same genre.

Book Comparison. In a formal, five-paragraph persuasive essay, compare and contrast this book to another that you have read. These books should be similar in some way (perhaps in genre, theme, setting, etc.) so that there is a reason for comparison. Use quotes from each novel to support your ideas and use specific examples to support your comparison. Use proper MLA citation. You can discuss theme, purpose, style, characters, etc., in summarizing the stories. This is your opportunity to show the depth of your understanding of both stories through close analysis. To support your ideas, use specific examples, as opposed to vague statements. Your five-paragraph essay should be at least 1,250 words (250 words per paragraph).

You can choose any book that has the same genre as the “Indian Horse” Please make sure you cite all the quotes and whatever from the both the books.

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