Posted: September 3rd, 2022

Google Case Study

Google questions at the end of Chapter 1

1.1    Project Oxygen showed that managers matter by linking manager quality to turnover rate and attitude survey results. What would be some additional approaches for examining whether managers matter?

1.2    The Oxygen 8 include a number of important qualities, all of which will be discussed in this book. But are there qualities not included in the 8 that seem to be as important, or perhaps even more important? Explain.

1.3    What should the role of data be when making management decisions in organizations? And what are the potential challenges in becoming a more data- and analytics-driven organization?


All case studies are 2-3 pages excluding the cover page and reference page.

I will be using much of the same criteria as you have been seeing in the discussion questions for the case study.

1) Direct (addresses the various questions), 20pts

2) Professionally Communicated with a minimum of 2 complete pages(ideas are clear, concise, organized, and presented professionally). 20 pts

3) Timely (submitted by the deadline.) 20 pts

4) Well-Supported (applied course material, and/or outside resources as appropriate to your paper as required- see syllabus). 20 pts

5) Follow APA formatting as specified in the syllabus (20 pts- see below)

-Separate cover, 5 pts

-Separate reference page 5 pts

-In-text citations related to references 5 pts

-Double spaced 5 pts

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