Posted: September 3rd, 2022


This is a scholarly, data-driven, cited, and revised written assignment on a
leader. The leadership paper is expected to be between 7 to 8 typed pages
(2000-2300 words), not including APA citations and bibliography. Here are
the guidelines for the Leadership Paper. I’ve also included these guidelines
within the Leadership Paper Assignment for reference. Remember, first draft
of the leadership paper will be due on Oct 17th, and please, submit in
CANVAS ON TIME! before the due date to avoid significant deductions in
total points.
For the Leadership Paper the following guidelines explain what expectations,
content, and structure are required for the manuscript:
• 12 pt, double space,
• APA 7th ed. reference formatting
• 7-8 pages (~2000-2500 words)
The content of the paper should include, but not limited to, responding to the
following questions:
1 Who is the selected leader? What is their position and in what the
2) What type of leadership trait(s) or leadership model does this leader
exemplify? (i.g., transactional, transformational, servant, charismatic
leadership styles)?
3) Describe what happened to argue that the leader possessed the leadership
style you claim. (This is where you describe the situation (environment,
strategy, tasks, goals, etc. and explain the leadership qualities that influenced
the situation and task(s) as well as the challenges or issues the
group/organization faced.)
4) Describe the results or consequences of the situational change. (Describe
the how the leadership influenced the completion of shared goal(s) or task(s),
and how it impacted employees, members, customers, society.)
5) Provide an explanation to the leader’s effectiveness. Where they successful?
And why do say so?
If the content of your paper includes responses that addresses these five
inquiries, then you should have a good leadership paper as a result.

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