Posted: September 5th, 2022

American history

American history
Paper details:
Answer one of the three prompts listed below with a short essay (2-5 pages, 12 point font, double-spaced, with name and title). The essay should include a.) an introduction paragraph with a thesis and b.) three body paragraphs (min. 7 sentences each) providing detailed descriiptions of supporting evidence.

Each body paragraph should include at least one quote from the course readings to support your argument. Quotes or ideas taken from non-assigned readings are not necessary, and they must be cited in Chicago style with footnotes if used. This response must be your own; any uncited work copied from another student or an online source may be considered academic dishonesty and result in a zero.

1. In Short Response #2, you were asked to identify the three biggest differences between life at the start of the 20th century and today. But what has stayed the same? Identify three areas of continuity in modern U.S. history, with a body paragraph for each. In those paragraphs, present an argument for why the trend you have selected has persisted. Be sure to acknowledge and explain if/how the trends you select have had to change and evolve in different eras in order to persist.

2. What social or political movement has had the biggest impact on shaping modern U.S. history? In your introduction, present your thesis argument. In your first two body paragraphs, describe two different ways that the movement has shaped the country. In the third, identify what goals the movement has failed to achieve and explain why (counter-movements, strong social norms, etc.)

3. What three single events- economic depressions, wars, political scandals, elections, concerts, etc.- have had the biggest impact on U.S. history in the past 120 years? Describe each with a full body paragraph that presents your argument for why these specific events were especially important within the context of the entire 20th/21st century.

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