Posted: September 5th, 2022

Florence Nightingale’s Legacy of Caring and Its Applications

Florence Nightingale’s Legacy of Caring and Its Applications
Paper details:
The powerpoint attached shows my professor’s expectations for this APA Style (7th edition) paper. Before beginning, read and review assigned readings.

The purpose of this paper is to explain the relationships between theory, research, and evidence-based practice using Florence Nightingale and her Environmental Theory. Her Environmental Theory changed the face of nursing to create sanitary conditions for patients receiving care. Her work was instrumental for developing modern nursing practice with much of our care practices directly reflecting her theory.

Read the case study (below) and answer the questions that follow.

Write your answers in a 3-page narrative using level 1 headings include a title page, abstract page, and reference page.

The community health nurse knocked softly before entering Isabel’s bedroom. On this home visit, Isabel was holding her three-week-old baby girl, Pearl, while two-year-old Jerry was sitting on the floor playing with a cat. In one corner, a full litter box sat on the floor next to the changing table. The nurse noted two half-empty, 4-oz formula bottles on the changing table, an empty box of baby wipes, and three soiled cloth diapers. Looking into Pearl’s sleeping face, Isabel said, “She finally fell asleep. . . I am so tired— Jerry, stop teasing Freckles [the cat] and come over here and hold Pearl while I get something to drink— Do you want something to drink?” The nurse quickly scanned the room and saw an unmade bed with a bassinet wedged against the wall. Jerry’s bed, also unmade, was in the corner opposite the litter box. The small bedroom was stifling hot, the ceiling fan was not on, and the windows were closed. A table in the middle of the room had plates with partially-eaten sandwiches and half-finished cans of soda.

Based on this case study answer the questions to explain the purpose of your paper:

1. How would the nurse practicing from Nightingale’s theory begin her home visit?
2. What would be the priority for the nurse in this situation?
How might Nightingale’s understanding of sanitation and environment guide the nurse in her home visit?
3. How could the nurse develop a relationship with Isabel and return as a welcomed visitor in Isabel’s home?

Tasks: Write a 3-page narrative (3-page maximum – 5-point deduction for over/under page limit as submitted in Turnitin) in 7th edition APA formatting including a title page, abstract page, and a reference page. Use level 1 headings, in text citations using the inclusion/exclusion criteria, and citations on the reference page. This is a scholarly publishable paper – DO NOT WRITE IN FIRST PERSON. Use current published peer-reviewed literature (articles, books) found on FIU library databases to support your statements. You may read information from web pages, but do not use as a reference for your paper. Look at the web page’s references for appropriate reference citation. Find scholarly documents from the FIU database.

Page 1: Title page: Florence Nightingale’s Legacy of Caring and Its Applications Use a running head (a shortened version of the title – 50 characters or less in ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS on each page of the document).

Page 2: Abstract: The abstract should open with a sentence that will serve as an introduction to the purpose of your paper. You may reuse the same sentence for your introductory paragraph. Refer to your APA Manual on how to draft an abstract. An abstract is a brief summary of the contents you wrote in the paper and typically does not exceed 250 words. At the end of the abstract place the phrase Keywords and denote 3-4 keywords that would describe your paper (for publication and indexing in CINAHL or PubMed).

Pages 3-5: Narrative (3-pages), points deducted for over/under page limits. Use the Sample Paper Example in the 7th edition APA Manual to help you format your paper including level 1 headings.

Page 6: Reference page. Refer to your 7th edition APA Manual.

This review is a scholarly publishable paper in 7th edition APA format and with at least three APA references (two articles and one textbook [for this assignment only]), cited both in text and the reference page.

Inclusion/Exclusion criteria for references:

Use the CINAHL and/or other database found in FIU library to conduct a Literature Review to find articles from peer-reviewed journals.
Do Not cite websites. Only use library database sites to find reference material.
Do use at least 1 book reference [for this assignment only].
Cite the articles in text and reference page.
Do not use quotes [practice paraphrasing]

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