Posted: September 6th, 2022

All About Economics and the Business Environment

All About Economics and the Business Environment
Please read the Economics Case Study required documents first (located below picture), then write your analysis on All About Economics and the Business Environment – The Retail Apocalypse. Required Links and Documents (Links to an external site.)

Relying on the above link titled: “The Retail Apocalypse,” scroll through and select a company to conduct further research on.  I encourage you to not just rely on the information provided w/in the link; instead, rely on additional research to gather information on the company you chose to write your Case Study on.  I have also extended the due date to make-up for any added anxiety this last minute change (or shall we say fix) has created.

Grading Criteria…

Title Page [Required, -deducted points if missing]
Abstract/Executive Summary – Must begin and end on a page of its own and be 1-full page in length [10pts]
Statement of Identified Problem [5pts]
SWOT Analysis [10pts]
Critical Analysis aka Macro Perspective vs Micro Perspective [15pts]
Action Plan/Conclusion [10pts]
Reference Page in APA Format – Must begin and end on a page of its own [Required, -deducted points if missing]


Formatting Notes…:

Each Sub-section (i.e., Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Critical Analysis, Action Plan, Reference Page) should be labeled
Double-Spacing with 1″ left and right Margins (Do not use excessive spacing between paragraphs)
Indent the beginning of each paragraph and DO NOT center your paragraphs (use either left alignment or justification alignment)
Any submission that cannot be opened will receive a grade of 1/50 until re-submitted with a file that can be opened and graded
Uniscore should be less than 20% and will NOT be graded if 50% or higher

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