Posted: September 6th, 2022

Historical fraud by Bernard Madoff

Historical fraud by Bernard Madoff
Paper details:
Using Madoff’s financial crime event:
-Compare the selected event to the legislation enacted in reaction to it (the wrongdoing) (e.g., Sarbanes Oxley after Enron, Dodd Frank after the subprime mortgage crisis, etc.)
Identify any enforcement tools that were provided to the SEC, DOJ and/or other law enforcement to help bring wrongdoers to justice.
-Explain how the legislation reduced the prospect of such misconduct occurring again in the future or, alternatively, if the legislation missed the mark and, if so, why.
-Argue whether the legislation enacted damaged the objective of promoting capital formation, economic development or other economic interests.
The paper needs to be around 5000 words, double-spaced, and in Blue Book style.
I am unsure how many sources it should be for this size of the paper, so the writer’s comment is welcome. I am only putting 10 as a reference, but it could be less if it satisfies the paper, or if more is needed, that’s ok as well.

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