Posted: September 6th, 2022


Keynote must be used for this presentation. PowerPoint is not acceptable. Also note that presentations must be saved as a QuickTime Movie. Click fraud is significant problem for Pay-Per-Click advertisers. However, there are solutions to help combat this ill-advised practice. Your assignment is to research available solutions, describe in-house solutions and at least one software, web based or outsourced solution: and prepare a 2 to 10 minute multimedia presentation to present to the executive management team. Please include a voice narration of your slides and an APA formatted reference slide. Remember, you are trying to sell the executive management team on your proposed solution. Therefore, you should include costs, features, benefits, etc. Submission Alternatives: Upload to FSO if the file is not too large Save to YouTube and upload a Word document containing the link and password if private Save to Dropbox and upload a Word document containing the link to the file. Do not send me an invitation to access your Dropbox. Be creative and have fun! Completion

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