Posted: September 6th, 2022

The Executive Summary

The Executive Summary
Expand your research from the Policy Identification and Analysis assignment in Week 3. For local or state policy references, research city, county or appropriate state government websites. For federal policy references, the following websites may support additional research options.
Governmental Accounting Office.
Public Agenda.
RAND Corporation.
Policy Library.
American Enterprise Institute.
Cato Institute.
Economic Policy Institute.
The Heritage Foundation.
Use the policy you selected from the Policy Identification and Analysis assignment in Week 3 to research a published study related to your chosen area of focus. Then, prepare an Executive Summary with the following criteria listed for this assignment.
Write a 2–3 page paper in which you:
Establish the purpose(s) of the executive summary.
Provide the background to the issue.
Discuss the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.
Discuss appropriate economic predictors.
Propose at least two reliable, implementable recommendations.

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