Posted: September 9th, 2022

you must write an essay in which you argue HOW the period of reconstruction and westward expansion was either more detrimental than beneficial

In your essay, you must discuss two different documents from Voices of Freedom, as well as include information from the other course materials, for a total of four specific examples.  Be sure to argue how the period was detrimental or beneficial by explaining who was hurt and how they were hurt, and how the detriments or benefits were bad or good for the nation as a whole and not just those who were directly affected.  Essays should be about 3-4 pages, typed and doubled-spaced.  Parenthetical citations for the documents should include the author and name of the document and page number of cited material (for Kindle users use the location number).  Citations for the lectures should include the title of the lecture, citations for the textbook should include the title of the textbook and page number of the cited material.  All citations can be placed in parentheses within the text of the essay.

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