Posted: September 10th, 2022


Text 1:


Using at least 3 high quality citation, consider if you believe that artificial intelligence is racially biased. Suggested Word Count 200 words.


Text 2:

Using two goals from the UN Sustainable Development Goals recommend to the researchers at University how they can use AI to contribute to fulfilling these two UN Sustainable Development Goals. Suggested Word Count 150 Words.




Referencing in the appropriate manner with in-text citation.



Example of Referencing


Emotion recognition usually involves analyzing a person’s facial expressions, body language, or speech signals and classifying them as a specific emotion. It has been stated that emotion recognition is critical for everyday living and is essential for interaction with others (Lewis et al. 1995, Chavhan et al. 2015). If we are to progress towards human and machine interaction, such as the interaction with a social robot, in a manner that is engaging for the human, the machine should be able to recognise and respond to the emotional state of the user (Cameron et al. 2015).




  1. D. Cameron, K. A. Lindquist, and K. Gray, “A Constructionist Review of Morality and Emotions: No Evidence for Specific Links Between Moral Content and Discrete Emotions,” Personality and Social Psychology Review, vol. 19, no. 4, pp. 371–394, nov 2015.


  1. Chavhan, S. Chavan, S. Dahe, and S. Chibhade, “A Neural Network Approach for Real Time Emotion Recognition,” Ijarcce, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 259–263, 2015.


  1. Lewis, J. M. Haviland-Jones, and L. F. Barrett, “Handbook of Emotions.” Contemporary Sociology, vol. 24, no. 3, p. 298, May 1995.


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