Posted: September 12th, 2022

Textbook Graphics Comprehension Mini-Teach (small group/whole class)

Textbook Graphics Comprehension Mini-Teach (small group/whole class)

Purpose:  Teacher candidates will develop substantive understanding of six components of reading as a process, with a focus on comprehension of graphics in a content-area text, the use of inferential language to aid in comprehension of domain specific texts using the QAR strategy, and scaffold student learning by applying the principles of research-based reading instruction.
Note: This assignment requires working with a whole group of students in your classroom/field experience.

Introduction: Please begin this assignment by explaining your grade level, content area, and the demographics of your school and classroom.

Using a content area textbook, find a current topic/theme with an accompanying passage or section. Please list the standards aligned with the topic/theme. Next, choose a type of graphic for one from the following types of graphics:
photograph or painting

Note: If an example of a particular type of graphic is not included in the textbook, select examples from supplementary materials (newspapers, magazines and the web are excellent sources).
Once you have a type of graphic, please find two of them related to your content/theme (ex. two cartoons or two charts; if needed, you can mix/match the graphic types: one cartoon, one map). You will use one to model for students and one you can use to assess the students’ comprehension. Using the comprehension strategies listed on page 614 of your course textbook, determine how you will use the model graphic to teach the students about the topic and how it relates to the visual. For example, you can use a photograph to help students predict what the content area topic will be about or a cartoon to construct a mental image as the students read the upcoming chapter/topic.

Next, develop questions about the content area topic using the QAR strategy (pg. 691 in course text) categories: (a) “right there” (b) “think and search” (c) “on your own,” and (d) “author and you” as well as one higher order thinking question (ex. why, how, compare). Please make some or all the questions related to comprehension of the second graphic. You can also have some of the questions related to the passage. Have the answers to the questions predetermined so that you can assess the accuracy of the answers.

Implement: Teach the content area reading lesson to a small group or the whole class using the passage and the model graphic. Then assess the students’ comprehension using the passage, the second graphic, and QAR/higher order questions to your students. For early elementary, you can complete this part of the assignment orally if you are able to record the students’ answers. You can complete this part of the assignment using technology if you are able to record students’ answers individually. Please score the student answers and provide any applicable written feedback. Record the student answers in a table form (first name or initial, answer 1, answer 2). Please do not use students’ full names. Please identify any English Language Learners, Gifted, or Students with Disabilities with an asterisk.

Conclusion: Write a separate conclusion to reflect on the selection of the graphics, the lesson, and the student answers. Consider how questions could have been asked differently. Did the student’s answers demonstrate comprehension? If they answered all the questions correctly, how can you make the questions more rigorous to challenge the students?

Submit: Please use APA formatting and include a title page and reference page. Include the passage, the two graphics, a copy of the QAR questions and higher order thinking question, the individual results, and the introduction/conclusion of your assignment.

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