Posted: September 13th, 2022

Assignment: Do a close reading of a poetic device in a song

Assignment: Do a close reading of a poetic device in a song
This assignment is designed to supplement the close reading essay. As such, you need to use
close reading skills. For this assignment, choose any song and discuss the author’s use of a poetic
device we have talked about in class (Ex. Alliteration, cacophony, metaphor, etc.) in that song.
You must discuss the device you have chosen: how it works in the song, what the author
accomplishes by using it, what is the effect of the device on the audience, etc. You should
include in your close reading examples from the song of places where the device is being used
and you should analyze how the device is being used in that example. The best close readings
will also attempt to analyze the significance of poetic devices being used in music (i.e. is there
some reason these two genres have similarities?).

Song: Flyleaf – All Around Me

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