Posted: September 13th, 2022

Chekov, The Bet

Using specific examples from the story, address the following questions:
1. How does this story reinforce the importance of socialization in people’s lives?
2. What impact does social isolation have on an individual?
3. How is the isolation in “The Bet” different to that experienced by the feral child Genie?
To receive full credit, you must properly integrate the following three key terms into your essay:
socialization, social isolation, and total institution.
You should structure your essay into three separate paragraphs. Each paragraph should
address a question from the list above. Each paragraph must be between 125-250 words (so
your essay should total 375-750 words). Be specific and provide good details. Not only will
this help you reach the minimum requirement, it will make your answers much better and will
further your understanding of these sociological concepts.
1. Your essay must include an MLA heading/page numbers.
2. Your essay must be double-spaced.
3. Your essay must be typed in a standard 12 point font.
4. If you consult outside sources, you must cite them using BOTH in-text citations and a
works cited.
5. Your essay must be between 375-750 words.
6. Your essay must closely proofread your essay before submitting.
7. **Do not commit plagiarism on this assignment; it will be checked using Turnitin.*

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