Posted: September 13th, 2022

mSocial Dilemmasn

Read Chapter 9 and watch the videos in this week’s module.

This discussion post is two-part.

Part I: Research a current social dilemma appearing in the news. Be sure to provide citations. Do not use any examples from the textbook or video. Get curious and use this new frame to uncover the dilemma.

·        Using concepts from the text, explain the dilemma as you see it in your own words

·        Suggest steps to be taken to mitigate risk / offer the best remedy and justify your answer

Part II: Share a personal social dilemma.

·        Using concepts from the text, explain the dilemma

·        What decisions / steps might you take to achieve the best outcome and why

Be sure to support your responses with information from the textbook or other psychology-specific sources. Please remember to adhere to APA Style and include an appropriate reference list and in-text citations for all of your postings.m

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