Posted: September 13th, 2022

Paper on social work with immigrants or refugees


Please use the Professional version of APA 7th edition for all of your papers in the Social Work Department, unless otherwise indicated.

You can also use the Purdue OWL website at this link:
You can also access the APA site at this link:

If your assignment requires use of a scholarly article, please use the Library search or Google Scholar to discover the article.  It must be peer reviewed.  Be sure to cite appropriately.

Module 3:

Paper on social work with immigrants or refugees:  Read an article about social work with immigrants or refugees in a scholarly journal. Summarize and state what you have learned.

What social work knowledge, values, attitudes, and skills are necessary?  Cite sources.  Use APA, and you may use “I”. This paper will be approximately 3-5 pages in length.  25 points

APA 7 – Professional Sample Paper – 2020.pdf

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