Posted: September 15th, 2022

Business Architecture of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Business Architecture of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
Paper details:
This paper is one section of an overarching paper, these are the instructions:

The next step is for you to understand the current Enterprise Architecture of the company. Using the EA grid, present all the levels of EA within the firm. For each level, collect one or two artifacts – enough to demonstrate that you understand each level. (This is for the entire paper, but I am only asking you to write about the architecture written below)

Product and Service Architecture: Describe the current products and services that the company offers, the industry that the company competes in, and who the current competitors are to the company for each of the industry sectors in which the organization competes.

The one or two artifacts mentioned 2 paragraphs above is the Business Plan and/or Business Product-Service Model of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

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